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A few words about Lupine

Why choose us?

We're experts in creating high-quality desktop and mobile apps, as well as online services and websites. Our projects, available in the Google Play Store and Windows Phone Marketplace, are installed and used on thousands of devices across the world!

Emphasis on what really matters


When a user meets your product, the only thing that matters to him is how easy it is, how clean is the interface and how fast it works. These are the aspects that we focus on in our every project. Each and every time we work for you, our goal is to create the best possible user experience.

Working with Lupine is a pleasure, extending a regular business relationship so we keep involving into more and more projects together.

Lekko Stronniczy

Lupine professes a similiar zen philosophy as we do; client requests a professional service and receives something that exceeds the standards. Lupine means building long-term partnerships based on a professional work. I recommend!

Tomasz Fiedoruk, Zenbox

For me, Lupine is a synonym of professionalism on the Internet. The thing I value the most is that I have never heard "it's impossible". They can execute every, even the craziest project.

Radosław Kotarski, Polimaty

The real act of discovery consists not in finding new lands, but in seeing with new eyes.

Marcel Proust

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